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Other Web Sites of Interest

Below you will find some web sites that we find of interest. They cover a wide range of topics, but all relate to health and fitness. These are all independent sites and are NOT related to PowerSupplements.Com . Clicking on any link will open a new window and take you to the site.

Hoodia Gordonii Review Blog - information on Hoodia Gordonii as an appetite suppressant.

Southbeach Diet - Information on the low carb SouthBeach Diet. The South Beach diet is similar to Atkins, but less restrictive on the carbohydrates.

The Hamptons Diet - Move over South Beach and Atkins Diet, The Hamptons Diet is the new hot low carb diet plan.

American Fitness Professionals and Associates - AFPA offers certifications and continuing education for the fitness and health professional

Hoodia gordonii as an appetite suppressant - Research, clinical studies and information on hoodia gordonii - the appetite suppressant that was featured on 60 minutes. Learn the truth about hoodia plant supplements and wholesale hoodia agreements.

Absolute Creatine - The place to go to learn everything about creatine.

Sound Supplements - because some nutritional supplements are better heard than swallowed. Nutritional Supplements for the brain. - Bodybuilding Supplements that work by altering the frequency of the brain

Airborne Cold Remedy - Take Airborne formula at the first sign of a cold for proven cold relief. Each effervescent tablet provides 3 hours of relief. Air borne cold is also good to take before you enter a germ filled environment.

Hoodia Research - Research on Hoodia Gordonii and lab testing to check the purity of Hoodia Supplements.

Acai Berry Information (xz99pow) - Acai supplement information. Learn about Acai - rated the #1 Super Food by Dr. Perricone.

Acai Berry Information

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