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Muscle Creatine +
Muscle Creatine Plus

This new creatine serum from Germany is out of this world! For years we have been selling the creatine serum from MMUSA. While we still believe some of the MMUSA speciality formulas are good supplements - if you want tremendous gains from creatine, then Muscle Creatine Plus from DiMaxx is for you.

Advantages of Muscle Creatine Plus from DiMaxx:

  • No loading phase required
  • Better absorption than powder creatine. You can take less creatine and get better results!
  • Micro Mineral System (MMS), allows for completely stable creatine serum
  • Plant based production of creatine - can be used by vegetarians
  • Tested and certified stable by the Arotop Food Creation company based in Mainz, Germany.
  • Very easy on the stomach
  • New! Now with D-Ribose for extra energy!
  • Notice results within the first week!
  • The best product we have found for serious muscle gain

New! DiMaxx now includes - D-RIBOSE!
How do you take a great Creatine Product and make it even better? You add D-Ribose (and don't increase the price)! D-Ribose is used in all cells of the body to produce energy. By adding D-Ribose to Creatine - you get the ultimate energy blast for your workout. Click here to read more about D-Ribose.

At PowerSupplements we have always seen the benefits of the liquid delivery system for creatine. The problem with taking powder creatine is that your stomach digests most of it before it ever reaches your muscles. You need to take 5 grams just to get 1 gram absorbed into the muscles. This is why so many people get an upset stomach when taking creatine. The advantage of a liquid is that you get better absorption than with powder. This means if you take 1 gram of creatine in liquid form, you actually get 1 gram of creatine reaching your muscles. By taking less, it is much easier on your stomach, liver and kidneys.

The problem with liquid creatine has always been stability. There are very few companies that can produce a creatine in liquid form that is stable. DiMaxx uses a plant based Micro Mineral System to ensure stability. In addition, they had the Muscle Creatine Plus tested by an independent lab - Arotop Food Creation in Germany. Arotop found the creatine was stable for at least 6 months to 1 year.

If you are like us, you are skeptical. All we can say is try it and you will be hooked! We offer a 30 day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.

Supplement facts:
Serving size 5ml
Amount per 5ml:
creatine monohydrate serum   500 mg
D-Ribose 250 mg
other ingredients: Invertsugar, Strawberry Flavour, Methylparaben, Water

Directions for Use:

We recommend that you take 10 ml, 30 minutes before your workout. You want to take it on a relatively empty stomach. As an alternative, some people like to take 5 ml before their workout and 5 ml right after the workout. You do not need to do any loading period with this product. While the manufacture recommends taking a dose on non-workout days, we here at PowerSupplements do NOT feel that is necessary. We have had great results with just taking it on workout days.

Retail Price - $58.25 for a 250ml bottle (about a 1 month supply)

Our Special Low Price - $45.95 per 250ml bottle.

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